When my mother hit the age of 40, she was proud. It was an achievement, especially with her youthful skin and spritely walk. Friends often mistook her to be my elder sister! Then her mid-40s arrived and she was no longer keen on discussing her wrinkle-free skin, as she was busy wondering why she was piling on pounds after pounds. I remember my mother was never fat in her youth, so getting a tummy after 40 was something that she couldn’t bear and it devastated her. This prompted me to find her help and I began researching. What I found was that weight gain after 40 in women is very common.

Why Women Gain Weight After 40?

1. Hormonal Imbalance:

This is the maximum obvious motive why women begin gaining weight after the age of fortythis is the peri-menopause degree while the ovaries lessen their manufacturing of estrogen. With decreased estrogen, the body tends to retain fatin order that it could preserve ordinary hormonal stability and this results in weight gain.

2. Reduced Levels of Progesterone:

As women method menopause, the body reduces the production of progesterone. while decreased degrees of progesterone do no longer motive you to benefit fat, they contribute to bloating and water retention which add to your weight and give you a shock when you weigh yourself.

3. Increased Appetite:

Thanks to the changes in your hormone levels, you will end up with an increased appetite and hunger. This will cause you to eat more than normal and as we all know, overeating is one of the main reasons for weight gain.

4. Aging:

One of the banes of aging is slower metabolism. Unfortunately every single woman will face this problem. Once the metabolism slows down, your body will burn fewer calories and you will end up accumulating unwanted fat around your waist. Now you know why you have that jelly belly!

5. Insulin Resistance:

After crossing fortyif your eating regimen includes white sugar and processed meals, your body cells turns into proof against insulin. This causes your frame to keep fatensuing in weight gain. Of directionthat is some thing to fearapproximately as insulin resistance ends in kind 2 diabetes.

6. Stress:

when ladies move their 40s, they must deal with more pressurethey are involved about their youngsters, retirement and likely healthwhile you are burdened, your adrenal glands will produce cortisol to fight the pressureregrettablywhile your frame is able to cope with strain, cortisol prevents weight reduction, so maximum efforts to lose those more kilos cross in vain!

These are the top 10 reasons why women gain weight after 40. In my mother’s case, it was lack of physical activity and hormonal imbalance. What are your reasons?

جواب چھوڑ دیں

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