Dry skin can be a problem, especially in winters. However, it could be one of the reasons, apart from the others, such as hereditary and excessive medication and excessive exposure to contamination.

1. Bath Time Rules:

Make sure that each day that the time taken for the shower is short. Along with this, be sure to shower with warm water since too much hot water on the skin can dry the natural oils, thus drying the skin instantly. It would be advisable to use soaps and facial washes that are gentle since they would help reduce the risk of moisture wear.

2. After Shower care:

After the shower, never rub with a towel to dry, instead of drying the excess water. This will help keep your skin soft and supple, helping to reduce the risk of skin irritation. As soon as you leave the bathroom, make sure you hydrate! The moisturizer does not add moisture to the skin, however, it helps your skin retain the water that is already present in it. Then, after bath time is the best time for the lotion!

3. The Best Moisture Recipe:

Make sure that the moisturizing lotion you use has ingredients that do not damage dry skin like dimethicone, which is a silicone that keeps moisture trapped. It is said that hyaluronic acid, mineral oil and Vaseline are innocuous ingredients for the skin

4. Anti-Aging no-no:

Anti-Aging products are a strict no for the dry skin. However, if you are using any, make sure that they are free of  retinoid or AHAs, as these ingredients are considered to be very irritating for the dry skin.

5. Try Fish Oil Pills:

To nourish the skin completely, it is important to take healthy foods and supplements. Some oils also work better when taken internally. Studies show that fish oils, such as cod liver oil, can help soothe dry skin, mainly because of their omega 3 acids.

6. Treat you Hands and Feet:

Use gloves and socks in winter season to protect your hands and feet from drying. Make sure to moisturize your hands and feet with scrubs and moisturizers designed specifically for dry skin.

7. Don’t Forget your Lips:

The lips are especially prone to cracking, therefore, use an exfoliant to exfoliate and nourish your lips. Even a homemade lip scrub with sugar and lemon is good. Use a good lip balm and apply every few hours! Make sure you protect your lips from dust, pollution and strong winter winds. They are the most common reasons that leave lips dry.

8. Exfoliate:

Scrub your skin good at least twice a week, if you have sensitive skin then once a week. But get that dead skin off your face. However, make sure to use products that would suit your dry skin along with ensuring that the product is of a high brand quality.

9. Use a Good Sunscreen:

Because dry skin is already prone to wrinkles and aging, the sun can cause more damage. Therefore, having a good sunscreen or sunscreen can help your skin look younger. It is also very important to know the correct SPF required for your type and skin tone. Look for the dermatologist’s recommendations before using any sunscreen product,

10. See a Dermatologist:

If you try everything and still have extremely dry skin, see a doctor, you may have a problem like eczema and may need medication for it.

Homemade Beauty Tips for Dry Skin care:

1. Mix aloe vera pulp with one spoon whisked cream or homemade curd and one spoon honey. Mix these ingredients thoroughly and apply it on the face for 10 to 15 minutes. Later rinse it off with clean water.

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