Following on from the French skin care blog I recently posted, you’d be aware I’m currently going through a K.I.S.S phase when it comes to my skin care regime – especially the cleansing part. I learnt the hard way that cleansing should be the absolute foundation of any regime so I’m going back to basics. Cleansing not only clears the skin of excess sebum and environmental dirt that can cause pores to block and acne to occur, it also lightly exfoliates and takes off makeup to reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion. And when I’m cleansing with the right cleanser for my skin type, morning and night, my skin always gives me the thumbs up!


The good news is the beauty industry has made cleansing your face even easier, no matter what skin types you’re dealing with. There are so many new and improved cleansing devices and accessories constantly being launched.

We decode them all, new and old, to find the best one for you.

1. Makeup removal towel

I’ve spent plenty of mornings and nights trying to remove stubborn makeup and even triple cleansing my face to do so. But who has time for that?! So the makeup removal towel is a time-saving genius and also suited to all skin types. But my trick is to pair it with cleansing gel so that I don’t have to cleanse more than once. Most makeup removal towels feel soft to touch, can cleanse a large surface in just one wipe and are easily washed and dried.

Your say: “It took me a while to test out this product. It sounded way too good to be true! I used it for the first time yesterday and it worked super well. I was wearing tinted moisturiser and eye make up and it all came off. Usually I have to cleanse my face twice to remove my mascara properly! I love this product because it’s cheap and it’s reusable. It’s great for the environment and for saving product.” -bh member, Laura M

2. Facial wipes

If you’re after a quick and easy way to cleanse your face, look no further than this little time-saving beauty. A piece of soft cloth, infused with cleansing and nourishing ingredients, they’re the perfect lazy gal’s way to cleanse. If you’re struggling to fit cleansing into your busy life, and don’t have a demanding skin type, facial wipes are perfect for you.

beautyheaven loves: Palmer’s Moisturising Facial Cleansing Wipes, Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Wipes

Your say: “I’ve been trying loads of face wipes lately, and so far this is one of my favourites. I have rather sensitive skin so some facial wipes can irritate my skin a little bit, however, these facial wipes leave me feeling refreshed, cleansed and don’t dry out my skin at all. I use these to remove my makeup then wash my face afterward to get a deeper cleanse. They have a very subtle scent, that is not overpowering at all. They take off my mascara with ease which is hard to come by in facial wipes.” -bh member, Asami

3. Cleansing brush

If you’re after a deeper cleanse, then you have to try a handheld, cleansing device. Designed to give your skin a deep cleanse, it can also exfoliate, promote lymphatic flow, brighten skin and prevent breakouts.

beautyheaven loves: FOREO LUNA mini 2, Clarisonic Smart Profile

Your say: “I always do an initial cleanse to remove most of my make up, so that the device can really focus on getting the rest of the grim from the day, that my hands can’t reach. I then wet my face and apply a little bit of a gel, cream or foaming cleanser to my face and to the device, before turning it on and massaging it over my face in a circular motion. I typically start with my forehead, then do my nose and chin in the second stage, and then each cheek gets one stage. If I have particular spots of breakouts I focus the Foreo over those spots to help get rid of any excess bacteria that is building up over those spots. I have actually found that using the Foreo regularly has helped to reduce my acne because my skin is so much cleaner.” -bh member, thelifeoflaura

4. Microfibre disc

Another clever and easy way to help cleanse your face is a microfibre disc. Made up of superfine fibers that can easily get into your pores, it helps to remove stubborn makeup including mascara and eyeliner and dirt and excess sebum. It’s as simple as wetting the disc and wiping it over the area you want to cleanse. The disc can then be thrown in the washing machine and left to dry in the sun.

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