1. Wash a Lot

Wash your face frequently during the day as oily skin attracts dirt that tends to settle in the pores, causing acne.

  • Choose a good face wash that is meant for oily skin
  • Use a product that will help control and fight acne

2. Drink Plenty of Water

  • Drink enough water through the day on a daily basis, at least 8 to 10 glasses of water if not more.
  • Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet as this will help to detoxify our body.

3. Mud Pack at Home

  • Multanimitti is a great ingredient that works best for oily skin
  • A homemade face mud mask of Fuller’s Earth (multanimitti) and rose water works best for oily skin
  • This is especially during summers when the skin tends to sweat excessively
  • Multanimitti absorbs all the excess oil from the skin while the rose water acts as a natural astringent.

4. Scrub

Scrubbing twice a week is a good idea. Remove the dirt from the pores. It will help keep those break outs at bay. Always apply the scrub with a gentle massage and wash off with water.

  • Oily skin is often prone to acne, so you need to ensure that the scrub you use is mild enough to not hurt your skin.
  • Masoor dal acts as a natural scrub that also absorbs any extra oil produced by the skin.
5. Cleanser

Always use a good foaming cleanser while cleaning your face! Wet your face with clean water. Take two or three drops of cleanser in the palm of your hand and mix with the fingers of your other hand. Now apply it on your wet face and gently massage your entire face, then wash your face thoroughly with water. Sparkling cleanser also removes excess makeup. Always choose a cleanser that has certain ingredients that can fight bacteria, which is the cause of pimples and acne. You can also use a medicated soap with warm water for cleaning.

Use fruits as natural cleansers:

  • Fruits like papaya and watermelon act as natural cleansers
  • Use these on the skin by rubbing them gently to cleanse the skin naturally and remove greasiness.

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