Orange Essenial oil comes from the fruit of the Citrus sinensi orange plant. Sometimes called “sweet orange oil,” it’s derived from the outer peel of the common orange fruit, which has been sought after for centuries because of its immune-boosting effects.

Most people have come into contact with small amounts of orange oil when peeling or zesting an orange. If you’re unfamiliar with various essential oil uses and benefits, you might be surprised to know just how many different common products they’re used in. Ever use soap, detergent or kitchen cleaner that smelled like oranges? That’s because you can find traces of orange oil in household and cosmetic products to improve their smell and cleansing abilities.

What is essential oil used for? The short answer: so many things! It’s added to many beauty products like lotion, shampoo, acne treatments and mouthwash since it has antibacterial properties and a strong, fresh scent.

In your home, you’ve probably got some furniture spray and kitchen or bathroom cleaners that also contain orange essential oil. The oil is also commonly used as an approved flavor enhancer, such as fruit juices or sodas, although there is a lot more natural ways to obtain its benefits.

13 Orange Essential Oil Benefits 

1. Immunity Enhancer

2. Natural Antibacterial

3. Kitchen Cleaner and Ant Repellant

4. Lower Blood Pressure

5. Anti-Inflammatory

6. Pain Reducer

7. Anxiety Calmer and Mood Booster

8. Better Sleep

9. Skin Saver

10. Acne Fighter

11. Natural Mouth Wash and Gum Protector

12. Cancer Fighter

1. Treats Spasms

Spasms can result in many irritating or serious problems including continuous coughing, convulsions, muscle cramps, and diarrhea. To avoid these effects, spasms must be treated early or otherwise entirely. This can be done with the help of essential oil, which relaxes muscle and nervous spasms.

2. Sedative Effect

When you need to unwind after a hard day at the office or you are suffering from inflammation, reach for a natural sedative that helps you relax. The artificial sedatives or drugs available in the market are mostly tranquilizers based on narcotics or other synthetic forms. These, in the long run, do damage to the heart and various internal organs. It is a much better choice to use a natural sedative like orange essential oil. It alleviates anxiety, anger, depression, and certain bodily inflammations. A study cited in the Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry journal confirms the anxiolytic-like effect of this oil.

3. Relieves Inflammation

Orange essential oil provides quick and effective relief from inflammation, whether internal or external. Regardless of the reason, if it is an excessive intake of spices, fever, infections, side effect of antibiotics, gas, and ingestion of toxic substances or narcotics, orange essential oil can reduce the irritation and pain. 

4. Acts as a Cholagogue

Orange essential oil promotes secretions from all appropriate glands including the exocrine and endocrine. Therefore, it is frequently used to regulate menstruation and lactation, and the secretion of digestive juices, bile, hormones, and enzymes.

5. Prevents Infections

Wherever there is a cut or abrasion, there is always a chance of the wound becoming septic due to a bacterial infection. This is even more likely when the wound has occurred from an iron object because there is a chance of it becoming infected by tetanus germs. Essential oil of orange can help people avoid both, septic fungal infections and tetanus as they inhibit microbial growth and disinfect the wounds. A study conducted by Dr. Steven Ricke et al.  at the University of Arkansas, US throws light on the antistaphylococcal properties of the essential oil orange.

6. Relieves Depression

The very smell of orange essential oil reminds you of happy moments and brings pleasant thoughts to mind. That is why this oil is frequently used in aromatherapy. It creates a happy, relaxed feeling and works as a mood lifter, which is perfect for people who suffer from depression or chronic anxiety. Research published in the Advanced Biomedical Research journal suggests that natural essential oil of orange helps reduce pulse rate and salivary cortisol that is secreted when one is in a state of anxiety. 

7. Stimulates Urination

Orange essential oil promotes urination, which eliminates toxins like uric acid, bile, excess salts, pollutants, and excess water in the urine. Urination increases appetite and promotes digestion. It contributes towards losing fats, which makes it good for the heart as well.

8. Acts as Tonic

The relation of a tonic to the body is similar to the overhauling and servicing a vehicle. A tonic tones up every system that functions throughout the body, keeps the metabolic system in a proper shape and boosts the immunity.

9. Carminative Properties

Being a carminative means being an agent that helps in the removal of excess gas from the intestines. Gas forms in the intestines and moves upwards and can result in chest pain, indigestion, and discomfort.

It can also cause a rise in blood pressure, negatively affect heart health, and cause acute stomach ache. Essential oil of orange can cope with many of these problems, since it relaxes the abdominal and anal muscles, thus letting the gas escape. Furthermore, it does not let additional gas form.

10. Treats Alzheimer’s disease

A study suggests that aromatherapy using orange essential oil may aid in improving cognitive function, especially in Alzheimer’s disease patients.

11.  Immunity Enhancer

Limonene, which is a monocyclic monoterpene that is present in orange peel oil, is a powerful defense against oxidative stress that can negatively affect our immune systems. Orange oil has even cancer-fighting abilities, since monoterpenes have been shown to be very effective chemo-preventive agents against tumor growth.

 12. Kitchen Cleaner and Ant Repellant

Orange oil has a natural fresh, sweet, citrus smell that will fill your kitchen with a clean scent. At the same time, when diluted it’s a great way to clean countertops, cutting boards or appliances without needing to use bleach or harsh chemicals found in most products.

Add a few drops to a spray bottle along with other cleansing oils like bergamot oil and water to create your own orange oil cleaner. You can also use orange oil for ants, as this DIY cleaner is also a great natural ant repellant.

 13. Lower Blood Pressure

Orange oil is a natural remedy for high blood pressure and is capable of improving blood flow and fighting hypertension, some of the biggest risk factors for heart disease. A study published 2014 compared the effects of human subjects inhaling fresh air compared to orange essential oil. They found the people who inhaled the orange oil experienced significant reductions in their both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In addition, to “feeling of comfort” was significantly greater during inhalation of the essential oil than during inhalation of fresh air.

Because of its blood-dialing abilities, it might also be useful for improving low libido, reducing pain from headaches and lowering PMS-related symptoms.

Use orange oil with a carrier oil to create a homemade massage oil that can be rubbed into the abdominal area to improve blood flow.


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