Chef expert Zubaida Tariq – An enormous name in Pakistan cooking Chef Zubaida Tariq mainstream as Zubaida Aapa which implies (Eldest sister in Urdu) She is an expert driving gourmet expert of Pakistan and cooking master. She is additionally a sister of acclaimed (Urdu Writer, Play Writer, Song Writer and Television moderator) and an Aunt of prestigious driving guitarist of prominent musical gang Strings, Bilal Maqsood. Begun cooking at early age directly after her marriage in a regular desi style for 7 individuals at house hold. After her significant other’s retirement she got delegated in an indistinguishable multinational organization from a consultant to their item Dalda (cooking oil).

Zubaida Tariq otherwise known as Zubaida Apa is a typical easily recognized name, an eminent name, and cooking master of Pakistan. She has been related with cooking and family unit since calm quite a while. She is well known for her interesting culinary style and her affection for conventional sustenance. She is known for giving family unit tips to ladies and utilize straightforward and conventional fixings in her cooking. The reality about Zubaida Tariq is that she dint knew much about cooking when she got hitched and later learnt it with the progression of time

  • Personal life:

Zubaida Tariq was born on 4 April 1945 in Hyderabad Deccan, British India. Her family relocated to Pakistan in 1947. They settled in Karachi, PIB Colony, where she lived with her five more seasoned sisters and 4 siblings. In 1951 she lost her granddad, from that point she lost her dad in 1953. After the passing of father, three of her sisters took every one of the duties of running the house. Zubaida got hitched to her first cousin, Tariq Maqsood. She met him in 1954. He came to remain over at his auntie’s (father’s sister) house. Tariq’s mom used to like Zubaida a considerable measure. She communicated her emotions about making Zubaida her little girl in-law. At that point in 1966, they got hitched. At the point when the marriage was chosen, Zubaida lived on Jamshed Road. She got hitched at 21.they years old have a little girl name Shaha Tariq and one child Hussain Tariq.

She frequently gave credit for her accomplishments to having experienced childhood in a joint family including grandparents, uncles and close relatives, aside from her close family.

Her culinary counsel sections on different channels had been exceptionally prominent. For over 10 years, Zubaida Apa was a remarkable masterpiece in her shading facilitated garments, shoes and sets of bangles, with coiffured hair and make-up.

  • Family:

Initially from Hyderabad, British India, and settled in Karachi, Zubaida was naturally introduced to an unmistakable Urdu-talking family known for creating littérateurs, intelligent people and craftsmen. Her maternal fantastic uncle was Bahadur Yar Jung, a Muslim patriot of the Indian subcontinent. She has ten different kin, the most remarkable of whom incorporate Fatima Surayya Bajia – a Urdu author and dramatist; Zehra Nigah, a Urdu artist; and her sibling Anwar Maqsood, who is a well known artist, humorist, essayist and entertainer[3] Zubaida’s nephew Bilal Maqsood (Anwar’s child) is a vocalist and guitarist for the pop musical gang Strings.

  • TV shows:

Zubaida chipped away at ARY Digital for a long time, and after that she completed 120 projects with Sajid Hussain, 120 morning programs with Nadia, and around 450 shows with Kiran. At that point Zubaida went ahead FM 107 with a show called Aik Mukammal Ghar which was first facilitated by Azra Manzoor. Meanwhile, she completed 200 shows of another program called Kitchen Magic, and afterward she did another show on Geo TV by the title of Aaj Ke Bhao. She additionally worked with Masala TV in individuals most watched cooking show Handi. She had secured more than 1000 scenes for the show.

Assurance to be a best cook has influenced her to do around 1000 cooking appears. The 68 year old Apa have given demonstrated solutions for cure, and many cooking cures with a specific end goal to upgrade the essence of sustenance and furthermore to stay away from nourishment go stale. A trailblazer in giving self cures she increased immense notoriety and valuation for which she was likewise been taunted a great deal by couple of jealous individuals.

On her official Twitter account TotkaAapaZubaida (@ZubaidaAapa), she stated: “Ask me fast answers for your domestic, social, political and so on issues. Upbeat to help men and ladies alike.”

  • Medicinal health:

Zubaida Tariq was determined to have Parkinson’s illness, which affected many parts of her life. She distributed an everyday ‘living with Parkinson’s’ diary in 2011. She died in midnight of 4 and 5 January 2018 because of heart failure.

The great chef Zubaida apa left us alone and died at the age of 72 which was confirmed by her brother Anwar Maqsood.

Family members said she was taken to a hospital last night after her condition suddenly deteriorated.

As per Zubaida Apa’s family, her funeral prayer and entombment will happen after the evening prayer on Friday at Sultan Masjid in Defense Housing Authority

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