Many women today feel that they push them in so many directions that they forget how to have fun or interact. They put their work or families first and they feel so tired at the end of a long day that sex is the last thing they think about. In fact, a third of adult women say that low sexual desire is a constant problem that affects their quality of life.

Having a low sex drive can make you feel guilty, especially if your partner loves you more than you. It could even begin to affect your relationship. But sex is not something that should feel like work. There are many things you can do to take care of yourself and naturally improve your libido without much effort. These are the six best ways to increase sexual desire in women


You may not feel sexy when you exercise, but exercise is one of the best things you can do to recover your mojo. Studies show that women who exercise frequently become aroused faster and are more likely to have a faster orgasm. In addition, their orgasms tend to be more intense than sedentary women. You can see the benefits in the bedroom after a 20-minute exercise session, which shows that you do not need to do much to get in shape.

There are some physical reasons why exercise helps you get in a good mood. First of all, it provides you with better muscular strength, endurance and flexibility, which facilitates sex and also improves the image of your body. If you feel better about how you look, then you will probably feel better if you have sex. In addition, sex increases the blood flow to your genital area, which helps you feel better during the act. Be careful, because too much exercise can have the opposite effect on your sex drive. The key is to focus on moderate intensity most days of the week.

If you are new to the exercise scene or have not been to the gym for a while, start slowly. You do not want to burn, or you will be less motivated to continue. If the gym is not your thing, try to exercise at home or even incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Try using a device that counts your steps and point to 2,000 steps per day to start. If you can go outdoors for your workout, you’ll get the benefits of vitamin D and sunlight, which can really help those endorphins develop. Do not forget to incorporate the weight-bearing exercise into your routine a few times a week to develop muscle strength, which helps you burn calories all day.

2.Change Your Diet

The sustenances you eat could be in charge of your absence of sexual want. Research demonstrates that eating excessively numerous prepared sustenances that contain sugar may toss your hormones lopsided and cause an interruption in your sexual want. Also, eating loads of garbage sustenance will expand your waistline, which might be the motivation behind why you don’t crave engaging in sexual relations any longer. One investigation found that eating sugar essentially lessened the measure of free testosterone that flows in the blood. Furthermore, that is not only a man’s concern. Low testosterone levels are connected to a diminished sex drive in ladies, as well.

With regards to filling your sexual want, your most logical option is to center around bunches of new leafy foods as they contain one of a kind plant chemicals that assistance influence you to rest easy. Then again, handled and singed nourishments add to weight pick up, cerebrum haze, and irritation. Spotlight on wiping out these nourishments from your eating regimen and supplanting them with bunches of berries, green verdant vegetables, grungy grains, and lean protein, for example, chicken, turkey, and wild-got angle. Likewise make sure to drink bunches of water for the duration of the day to flush poisons and keep the stomach related tract working legitimately, which houses around 90 percent of your serotonin levels.

When you eat is similarly as vital as what you eat if the objective is to enhance your sexual coexistence. Eating a substantial supper late during the evening before sex could cause gastrointestinal miracle, which isn’t precisely a state of mind sponsor. It may appear to be senseless to anticipate sex, however it could enable you to get in the inclination. On the off chance that you are arranging a sentimental night with your better half, at that point you should need to skirt the substantial dishes and go for a lighter dinner with lean protein and vegetables. Getting a charge out of a glass of red wine at supper could enable you to unwind, yet drinking more than that could have the contrary impact on your sex drive by making you worn out and influencing your capacity to accomplish a climax.

3.Don’t Smoke

Smoking could be one of the reasons why you are no longer in the mood. One study found that smoking not only decreases sexual satisfaction and desire, but also affects their fertility. If you smoke a lot, your doctor may prescribe a medication to help you stop smoking. But keep in mind that these can have side effects that affect your psychological health.

4.Try Essential Oils

Certain scents can help put you in a good mood. Sandalwood is considered a natural aphrodisiac, so it is found in many candles, colognes and perfumes. Cinnamon oil is another excellent essential oil, since it has been shown to increase blood flow throughout the body. You can apply a few drops in a warm bath or spread the oils in your room at night to put yourself in a good mood.

5. Connect more to your partner

If you feel disconnected from your partner or both have problems in your relationship, then it can affect your sexual desire. Getting to know your partner again can take some time, but it can improve things for you in the bedroom. Try to spend time together only you two. Go to dates, have coffee together, watch a movie or talk about each other’s days. It’s easy to let fire come out of a long relationship, but remembering the love you share can help warm things up in the room again.

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