Neroli essential oil can be purchased as a 100 percent pure essential oil, or it can be purchased at a lower price already diluted in jojoba oil or other transport oil. Which one should you buy? It all depends on how you plan to use it and your budget.

Naturally, pure essential oil smells stronger and, therefore, is a better choice for use in perfumes, diffusers and home aromatherapy. However, if you plan to use oil primarily for your skin, it is not a bad idea to buy it mixed with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil.

Once you have purchased your neroli essential oil, here are some incredible ways to use it daily:

Clear your head and reduce stress

Take a sniff of neroli essential oil while commuting to or from work. It’s sure to make rush hour a bit more bearable and your outlook a little brighter.

Sweet Dreams 

Put a drop of the essential oil on a cotton ball and tuck it inside your pillowcase to help you relax into a great night’s slumber.

Acne Treatment

Since neroli essential oil has powerful antibacterial properties, it’s a great home remedy for acne to treat breakouts. Wet a cotton ball with water (to provide some dilution to the essential oil), and then add a few drops of neroli essential oil. Dab the cotton ball on the problem area gently once a day until the blemish clears up.  

Purify The Air

Diffuse neroli essential oil in your home or office to clean the air and breathe in its anti-germ properties.

Soak away stress:

To naturally remedy anxiety, depression, hysteria, panic, shock and stress, use 3–4 drops of neroli essential oil in your next bath or foot bath.

Alleviate headaches:

Apply a few drops to a hot or cold compress to soothe a headache, especially one caused by tension.

Lower blood pressure:

By using neroli essential oil in a diffuser or just taking a few sniffs of it right out of the bottle, studies have shown blood pressure as well as cortisol levels can be lowered.

Regenerate skin:

Mix a drop or two of neroli essential oil with an application of an unscented face cream or oil (like jojoba or argan), and apply as normal.

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